FCM Cordova iOS

FCM Cordova iOS

  1. Install plugin cordova-plugin-firebase-messaging
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-firebase-messaging

2. Config.xml In Cordova/condig.xml

Add path config GoogleService-Info.plist  in Ios tag

<platform name="ios">
	<resource-file src="GoogleService-Info.plist" /> 

3. Go to Firebase console to Dowload GoogleService-Info.plist file

Project Overview > Project settings > Cloud Messaging > General > Your App > Ios app > Download the lastest config file (GoogleService-Info.plist)

then Copy to /Cordova

4. Test it by write this code in scrite

    .then(function() {
          console.log("Push messaging is allowed");
     .then(function(token) {
          console.log("Got device token: ", token);

5. Run it then your will get the   Token  code

Enjoy for Code with Cordova